Oswego Industries was founded in December 1968, when the workshop of 奥斯威戈县的弧 became an independent agency, with its own board of directors.

In 1974, 米勒酿酒公司购买了415英亩土地, 在附近的沃尔尼, 建了一个啤酒厂, 车间经历了一次转变.  Miller Brewing Company offered an opportunity for year-round work in pallet repair, 盒子缝合, 草坪养护.

作为姐妹机构, the Arc and Oswego Industries quickly established cooperative alliances for the developing and owning of properties, 服务分工, while sharing of staff resources to continue providing high-quality, broad-based services to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD).

整个80年代, Oswego Industries/奥斯威戈县的弧 operated an infant program known as Infant & 学前发展服务或IPDS. In 1993, this program became an approved provider of Early Intervention 服务 (EI) under the auspices of the Health Department.


The 1990s also saw the growth of social and recreational programs, such as the Respite program which is now administered through The Arc. Respite aides support individuals as they engage with the community through activities such as bowling, 钓鱼, 和更多的, 基于我们所服务对象的个人利益.

In 1990, Oswego Industries was approached by county officials and asked to operate the county’s planned Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Volney. The MRF was opened in 1991 and was operated by Oswego Industries under an agreement with Oswego County. 收到的设施, 排序, 加工过的, and marketed recyclable materials from Oswego County residents and industry. 报纸, 杂志, 纸板, 办公室用纸, 纺织品被回收利用, 还有玻璃, 金属, 还有塑料容器. The MRF employed approximately 25 employees and up to 12 temporary employees as needed.

In 1994, OI/The Arc developed a Senior 天资格 Program for elderly individuals who wished to retire from the agency’s vocational programs. Currently, this is housed in the Hughes Building at 314 Park Street. Individuals who participate in this program enjoy gardening and a variety of other activities.


Contract work remained sporadic until a government contract to make disposable hospital gowns under National Industries for the Severely Handicapped (NISH) was awarded to OI in 1982. 这是纺织部门的开始. This department has expanded to include government contract and commercial work, manufacturing sewn items ranging from health care products to decorative pet collars. 自1995年以来, the largest yearly sewing contract has been the manufacturing of scrubs, 专门为尼亚加拉莫霍克(现为国家电网)制造的, 纽约电力局, Entergy公司, Ginna, 和星座.

In 1990, 一个全国性的薄纸经销商来找OI数, 褶皱, 核对, 包, 并将其产品运送到零售店. 从小开始, 这个合同发展成为一个主要的生产领域, providing work and training opportunities for individuals with a wide variety of skill levels. 在其鼎盛时期, approximately 130 individuals plus hourly supplemental and support staff prepared shipments to be sent to over 1,全球500个地点.


东北循环再造, because of the “New York State Bottle Bill” opened its doors for business in 1983. NR purchased used beverage containers from regional distributors, 然后进行排序, 加工过的, 然后再把这些材料卖给回收公司,比如 加拿大铝业(Novelis). NR was Oswego Industries’ first attempt to run an “Affirmative Business.” It employed six full-time employees year-round and an additional six during the busy season.

Oswego Industries also supplied services to beverage distributors for pick-up, 排序, 计数, 以及废旧饮料容器的加工. Initially, collection services were limited to stores within Oswego County.  In 1995, 奥斯威戈工业收购了一家公司, 提供集装箱收集和处理服务, 在大罗切斯特地区, 锡拉丘兹, 和北方国家, Oswego Industries collected containers from over 750 retail and redemption center accounts located in 19 counties. 在其鼎盛时期, Oswego Industries counted and 加工过的 over 60 million used beverage containers.


有各种各样的小合同, 从热电偶的组装开始, 剥线, 最近还在为诺贝丽斯包装硅. Cloth bags are produced by the 纺织品 Department and then filled with a precise amount of silicon. Bags are sewn shut and shipped to Novelis for use at their plant in Oswego.

In 2010, Oswego Industries was awarded a contract to assemble belts for the 运输安全管理局. 皮带由BioThane®制成, 耐用材料:更耐用的材料, 可弄干净的, 更强的, 而且比皮革更容易保养. In 2019 Oswego Industries began the manufacturing of both BioThane® and web belts for retail sale

支持我们生产区域的个人, Oswego Industries is committed to ongoing extensive training. Assistive devices are available to help expand the potential and productivity of individuals.


The 合同清洁和保管 program was set up to handle daily cleaning at Oswego Industries, 包括休斯大厦, 东北仓库. The program served as a training opportunity for individuals and later became a job training site for Oswego County’s Workfare Program and gradually expanded with contracts to clean various offices and business sites throughout Oswego County.

In 2001, 雪城的一家大机构倒闭了, OI was asked to pick up several cleaning contracts that the agency had been operating in Onondaga County under NYSID contracts. OI stepped in to fill this void and assured continued employment for Onondaga-based individuals who would have lost jobs and income.


As Oswego Industries experienced tremendous growth and diversification of its services. Through our Career Employment 服务 division, the agency assists individuals with 职业发展,包括就业准备培训和职业探索.

Oswego Industries strives to give adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities a purpose through employment, with external opportunities through Career 服务 and internal opportunities as well. 我们的 全球信誉最好的网投平台 division provides high-quality work and efficient production for area businesses at a competitive cost. 目前可用于合同工作的服务包括 管理和清洁服务,纺织品,装配 & 包装、仓储 & 履行,文件扫描和质量保证.